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*Drivers must reserve this safety package 10 days prior to their event.
Rental + Deposit
Suit Size
Helmet Size
Glove Size
Shoe Size
Height & Weight
Event Dates:
Posers to Podiums... 
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$250 per event + $500 deposit.
Price includes Standard FedEx Ground Shipping*
SA2020 Helmet
SA Rated helmets offer full face protection, large eyeport and  lightweight composite shell technology. HANS post install included.
Racing Gloves
3.3/5 Rated & FIA 8856-2000 Homologated
Features Stretch Nomex, Ultra grip leather on palm.
Race Boots
SFI 3.3/5 Rated / TTP 28.4
FEATURES Mid-top in Suede leather with hydrocarbon resistant and sculpted sole & padded ankle and tongue.
2 Layer Race Suit
SFI 3.2A/5 Rated & FIA 8865-2000 Homologated
2 Layers Nomex®  400g/m2 - TTP Rating of 23.1 
HANS or NecksGen Head & Neck Device
Head and neck device with all our complete gear rental packages. 
Nomex Balaclava

Nomex® balaclava may be required for some racing events; if you need one we sell them with any package for only $45.00
Nomex® socks

Nomex® SFI rated socks are required for many racing events; If you need a pair we sell them with any package
for only $35.00
Don't forget to add Socks and Balaclava to your Rental Package